bagi yang sering chatting pasti sering menemukan istilah – istilah asing di setiap percakapannya, untuk memudahkan proses “penyamaan” visi antar chatter disini akan saya tampilkan istilah – istilah yang sering digunakan di dunia chatting, misalnya :

? = Huh?
?4U = Question for you
2L8 = Too late
2U2 = To you too
4GM = Forgive me
4RL? = For real?
AAMOF = As a matter of fact
AAYF = As always, your friend
AFAIK = As far as I know
AFK = Away from keyboard
AKA = Also known as
ASAP = As soon as possible
ASL = Age, sex, location?
ASLP = Age, sex, location, picture?
ATM = At the moment
ATYS = Anything you say
AWA = As well as
B/C = Because
B4 = Before
B4N = Bye for now
BAC = Back at computer
BAK = Back at keyboard
BBIAB = Be back in a bit
BBL = Be back later
BBS = Be back soon
BC = Be cool
BCNU = Be seeing you
BD = Big deal
BF = Boyfriend
BFD = Big freakin’ deal
BFN = Bye for now
BIL = Brother in law
BME = Based on my experience
BOT = Back on topic
BRB = Be right back
BRH = Be right here
BTDT = Been there, done that
BTW = By the way
BYTM = Better you than me
CMIIW = Correct me if I’m wrong
CU = See you
CUL = Catch you later
CUL8R = See you later
CUS = See you soon
CWOT = Complete waste of time
CYA = See ya
CYL = Catch ya later
DBEYR = Don’t believe everything you read
DHYB = Don’t hold your breath
DIIK = Darned if I know
DIY = Do it yourself
DQYDJ = Don’t quit your day job
EAK = Eating at keyboard
EG = Evil grin
EOD = End of discussion
EOL = End of lecture
EOR = End of rant
F = Female
F2F = Face to face
FAQ = Frequently asked questions
FCOL = For crying out loud
FIL = Father in law
FITB = Fill in the blanks
FNB = Football and beer
FOCL = Falling off the chair laughing
FOFL = Falling on the floor laughing
FUBAR = Fed up beyond all recognition
FWIW = For what it’s worth
FYA = For your amusement
FYI = For your information
G = Grin
G2G = Gotta go
GA = Good afternoon
GA = Go ahead
GAL = Get a life
GAS = Greetings and salutations
GBH = Great big hug
GE = Good evening
GF = Girlfriend
GFN = Gone for now
GG = Good game
GI = Good idea
GICBTS = Gosh, I can’t believe that stuff!
GICNBY = Gosh, I cannot believe you!
GIWISI = Gee, I wish I said it
GJ = Good job
GL = Good luck
GM = Good morning
GM = Good move/match
GMTA = Great minds think alike
GN = Good night
GR8 = Great
GTG = Got to go
H = Hug
H/O = Hold on
H&K = Hugs and Kisses
HAGD = Have a good day
HAND = Have a nice day
HB = Hug back
HCIT = How cool is that?
HF = Have fun
HH = Ha-ha
HHSF = Ha-ha, so funny
HHVF = Ha-ha, very funny
HO = Hold on
HOAS = Hold on a second
HTH = Hope this helps
IAC = In any case
IAG = It’s all good
IAGW = In a good way
IB2D = I beg to differ
IC = I see
IC = In character
IDGI = I don’t get it
IDK = I don’t know
IDNDT = I did not do that
IDNK = I do not know
IIRC = If I remember correctly
IK = I know
IKWUM = I know why you mean
IMAO = In my arrogant opinion
IME = In my experience
IMHBMAO = In my humble but most accurate opinion
IMHO = in my humble opinion
IMNSHO = in my not so humble opinion
INRS = It’s not rocket science
IOW = In other words
IRL = In real life
IRSTBO = It really sucks the big one
IS = I’m sorry
ISWYM = I see what you mean
J/K = Just kidding
J/P = Just playing
JMHO = Just my humble opinion
JTLYK = Just to let you know
K = Okay
KIR = Keepin’ it real
KISS = Keep it simple, stupid
KIT = Keep in touch
KWIM = Know what I mean?
KYSOTI = Keep your stick on the ice
L8R = Later
LMK = Let me know
LOL = Laugh out loud
LTNS = Long time, no see
LTR = Long term relationship
LYK = Let you know
LYLAB = Love you like a brother
LYLAS = Love you like a sister
LUM = Love you man
M = Male
M8 = Mate (friend)
ME2 = Me too
MIL = Mother in law
MMA = Meet me at
MMAMP = Meet me at my place
MOO = My own opinion
MYOB = Mind your own business
N = In
N/C = Not cool
N2M = Not too much
NBD = No big deal
NE1 = Anyone
NFW = No freakin’ way
NLT = No later than
NM = Nevermind
NM = Not much
NMH = Not much here
NMJC = Nothing much, just chillin’
NNITO = Not necessarily in that order
NO1 = No one
NOTTOMH = Not off the top of my head
NOYB = None of your business
NP = No problem
NRN = No reply necessary
NVM = Nevermind
NW = No way
OIC = Oh, I see
OMG = Oh my gosh
OMOHOD = One minute, one hour, one day
ONNA = Oh no, not again
OOC = Out of character
OT = Off topic
OT = Other topic
OT = Over time
OTOH = On the other hand
PIMP = Pee in my pants
PLZ = Please
POS = Parent over shoulder
PPL = People
QT = Cutie
RESQ = Rescue
RFC = Request for comment
RHIP = Rank has its privileges
ROF = Rolling on the floor
ROTFL = Rolling on the floor laughing
RTFM = Read the flippin’ manual
S/B = Should be
S2R = Send to receive
SCNR = Sorry, could not resist
SIL = Sister in law
SK8 = Skate
SLY = Still love you
SOS = Same old stuff
SOS = Sibling over shoulder
SOS = Someone special
SSDD = Same stuff, different day
STR8 = Straight
SWAK = Sealed with a kiss
SWALK = Sweet, with all love, kisses
SWDYWTTA = So what do you want to talk about?
SYSOP = System Operator
TBC = To be continued
TC = Take care
TC = That’s cool
TCO = Taken care off
TGIF = Thank goodness it’s Friday
TIA = Thanks in advance
THX = Thanks
TMA = Take my advice
TMI = Too much information
TNX = Thanks
TOH = The other half
TTFN = Ta ta for now
TTYL = Talk to you later
TTYS = Talk to you soon
TTYVS = Talk to you very soon
TWIMC = To whom it may concern
TY = Thank you
TYVM = Thank you very much
U2 = You too
UR = You are
UR = Your
URSKTM = You are so kind to me
VBG = Very big grin
W/ = With
W/E = Whatever
W/O = Without
W2F = Way too funny
W8 = Wait
W8AM = Wait a minute
WAEFRD = When all else fails, read directions
WB = Welcome back
WB = Write back
WC = Who cares
WDMB = Will do my best
WE = Whatever
WNDITWB = We never did it this way before
WRT = With regard to
WTG = Way to go!
WWJD = What would Jesus do?
XOXOXO = Hugs and kisses
Y = Why?
YMMV = Your mileage may vary
YRG = You are good!
YVW = You’re very welcome
YW = You’re welcome

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